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Cancelling an order after making payment

You can cancel an order if it has not already been shipped & is approved by the management team. If you have made payment using Credit Card or a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' payment provider, a 10% cancellation fee will apply to your order to cover payment processing fees not returned to us by these financial providers. This fee will also go towards re-stock & administrative processes as all not-at-fault refunds fall outside of our online store policy.

Keep in mind, cancellation requests can sometimes be missed due to high influx of communication & as such dispatched before we get to your cancellation request. For this very reason, it is advised to be super careful when placing your order knowing this can be a risk.


Cancelling an order after it has been shipped

You can cancel an order if it has been shipped. However, it must be successfully received/delivered and returned to us following our normal returns process by lodging a return request & returned at your expense. Please be aware of the following additional costs if you do decide to cancel/refuse an order once it has been dispatched: 

1. Re-Stock Penalty of 50% applies to all made-to-order items & a re-stock penalty of 30% for all other items. this means either 50% or 30% of the total amount paid for your garment/items will be immediately subtracted from the total refund amount & your order closed. 

2. Due to sudden cancellations, free shipping offers will no longer be contractually valid. As such, regardless of free shipping being offered, any actual paid shipping fees by Alamour to send the item to you will be deducted from the total refund amount. This also applies to return shipping fees, if applicable. 

3. Duties & Taxes may be billed against an attempted import, regardless if the customer requests to cancel/ refuse the shipment. In this event, which is completely outside the control of Alamour, these fees must be paid to your Customs Officials within your country or risk the parcel being destroyed/ abandoned. This depends on importation rules of your country & is not a forced fee charged by Alamour.