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Return My Purchase!


Instructions on how to use the Returns Manager Box below:


1. Enter the email address provided at time of placing the order in the Customer Email field.

2. Enter the Order Number provided to you e.g. #ATL1234 in the Order Number field (Don't forget the hashtag #)

3. Once the required fields are entered and 'Lookup' is clicked/selected, a window will pre-populate below. To create the return, simply click on the 'shopping trolley' symbol which is found beside the words 'Create Return'.

4. A new window will open within the current window. You will then need to complete the required fields. Remember to scroll all the way down and tick to agreeing the Terms before you can submit your return request.

5. Once you have submitted the return request, it will redirect you to the returns page. Please ignore the notification 'Oops. Nothing found.' underneath the Order Lookup box. This does not apply to you and the return request has been successfully submitted.

6. Now; please be patient while our returns team review your return request to either be approved or denied. It can take 1 to 3 business days to receive a response for your return request.

7. Once we have physically received your returned item/s, it will take 1 to 3 working days to process it & issue your store credit.

Return Address Info: The return address will only be provided once your return request is 'Approved' & will be issued within the approval email sent by our returns team.