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Alamour The Label - Behind The Scenes

The creative team at Alamour combines modern fashion with timeless elegance to create breath-taking images that do our gowns justice. We aim to use only the most stunning models made-up by talented make-up artists and captured by the best photographers. From Byron Bay to Paris, the team will go wherever it takes to create amazing content.

The Alamour girl is elegant, classy and confident. The models we select radiate these attributes, and it shows in the photos. There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into the shoots that is widely unknown, which is why we love sharing sneak peaks and behind the scenes with our customers. It also helps you to see how real we are as a company, and how incredible the gowns look even before they are re-touched.


A fashion photoshoot requires much preparation to be pulled off successfully. Pre-shoot, our creative director and team come up with mood boards, inspiration and an overall vision for how the shoot will turn out.

On the day, an early start is usually required. Hair and make-up is the first step, followed by the photographer arriving to set up their lighting and camera. If the shoot is on location, they will also usually scout the area for the perfect lighting & aesthetics. 

Once the model is ready to shoot, the team then works together to make the creative content and photos match what they envisioned in their plan.

The stylist and shoot assistants are constantly needed on hand, to make sure the model’s shoes and accessories are complimenting her gown perfectly. The shoot assistant is also continually making sure that the gown is sitting in an ideal way, so that the finer details are on display.

 The make-up artist is usually also on standby to do any required hair changes and makeup re-touches. The shoot assistants and creative director are always watching for the perfect BTS opportunities so that we can bring behind the scenes to you!

A photoshoot is physically and mentally exhausting, but so much fun. The team usually has a required amount of gowns to push through and it all depends on whether the conditions are good and if everything runs smoothly on the day. However, the challenges are of course worth it for all involved, once the final product is produced.

Paris Collection

Beverly Hills Collection