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The backless dresses can be called the most favourite party wear of the top female celebrities and fashion lovers because of their sheer sensuality and lusciousness. There is a wide range of fancy to plain backless dresses’ styles and they are usually worn as wedding dresses, evening wear, cocktail outfit, prom wear or stunning weekend party attire. Although they are available in various lengths, from mini dress to floor length and in many styles but the most popular and all-time classic is the backless halter neck style dress.

They are created mostly with shimmering sequin fabric, jersey material, satin, chiffon, crepe, georgette and such fabrics with drape. The back exposure of these dresses also vary according to the personal choice; if you want to look bold and ravishing the backless style can be deep but if you want it shorter you can also opt to wear upper or middle of the back uncovered. However, if you plan to wear this purely statement outfit you must own the right kind of undergarment and accessories to complete the look.

If you are after a deeper backless look, check out the 'Low back Dresses' collection page with a variety of dresses and gowns available in almost every colour, style and popular fabrics.