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Extravagant and Timeless Evening Label 

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Cocktail Wear

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Margarita - Ivory

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Margarita - Burgundy


Cocktail wear is nothing but dresses that are attractive and glamorous enough to be worn at parties, especially the evening cocktail parties. Traditionally, a cocktail gown for women was long, touching her ankles. But today, cocktail dresses have become shorter with women preferring them to be knee length to indulge in a bit of skin show. We have a large collection of cocktail wear for you consisting of all sorts of beautiful and eye catching dresses. Whether you want a traditional long dress or a short dress above your knees, you will find them all in our fabulous collection of cocktail wear.

Look nowhere else when you have received an invitation card for a party that mentions cocktail attire as the dress code. You will find lots of elegant and sleek dresses suitable for attending a cocktail party on our store.  There are many styles of these dresses available in many different fabrics and enchanting styles. Choose a cocktail dress that suits your body type and skin tone to mesmerize all other guests at the party.

Alamour The Label's collection of cocktail dresses has you sorted for your next cocktail event, and the next, and the next! We've got a number of elegant and exclusive options to choose from.