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Side Slit Dresses

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Do you have what it takes to be daring & flaunt those legs? Alamour The Label's gowns and dresses collection with side slits will make you feel flirtatious yet classy. Another commonly used word is splits or side splits, however slit/slits is the more accurate term for this style.

Side slit dresses are the bold statement outfits styled for the women who have a toned body and want to show it off. You must have seen many celebrities wearing side slit dresses & gowns, carrying such a ravishing look effortlessly. The side slit outfit can be perfectly worn at a party or special occasion but there are a number of things that you must be aware of. They should be cut and stitched with the masterly perfection and according to the exact size of the wearer. The loosely fit backless dress can’t create the required look, so it must be manufactured according to your body shape, or made by a reputable designer to get the fit right.

You can trust Alamour to get that slit look right on point. Side slit dresses are available in various designs such as floor-length gowns, skirt or mini dress. The short side slit can be worn at the workplace as formal clothing but you can make it more dramatic by adding to the size of the slit and you can always wear a legging or tights to get the coverage.