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Low Back Dresses

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Want to leave some to the imagination... and then some? Alamour The Label's low back dresses will keep the audience on their tippy toes. We have them in gowns with long marvellous trains too, if you are feeling extra glamorous! Low back dresses are the all-time favourites for the fashionistas because of their inherent quality to enhance sensuality and create a ravishing look. All the bold and brave women must own a number of low back dresses to their wardrobe to be worn on special occasions. 

Wearing a low back or backless dress perfectly can be a bit tricky or challenging to some women because it needs a special bodysuit or bra to keep you in beautiful shape without showing it from the back. If you still find it hard to manage the required look in a fitted low back dress without the right kind of bust support, then you can opt to wear the low back halter dresses which will make you look effortlessly luscious.

There are various types of low back dresses which can you can select according to your choice. The suggestive open back top is the best way to look sophisticated and flaunt your toned body, while the twisted/knotted & ruched low back dresses are a refreshing change from the classic style. Be our guest and select one of these gorgeous garments in the many colours, styles and fabrics available to choose from.

If you are searching for something not too low on the back, but still want that backless/open back look, then be sure to check out our Backless Dresses collection.